Child abuse // The girl who wanted Heaven by XDinexitaXD   9 years ago


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Well, what can I say?
This is a video about Child abuse.
It's not a true story However, it's based on one.
Lots of children die each day by Child abuse, and some, are suffering in silence.
You don't know who is the victim, 'cause Sometimes, they don't tell, Just open your eyes!

How can you help this children??

- You can Donate to or .
- You need to open your eyes and look around.
- If you notice any kid is being abused, Report it.
- If you Suspect, talk with the police, they will find out if it's true.

~ Together, we can make a better world for the Little ones ~

(this is the first video with my intro, it's really little but I hope you like it)
I used That Graphic of the missing Girls without asking permission to his owner, Because I just found it on my Laptop and I didn't noticed it was Pantelina's.
Sorry Pantelina, I won't use this Graphic again, Still I didn't did it on purpose.
|| Enjoy, rate & comment ||