14 year old stands up to his abusive mother for his rights and informed choice to live with his Dad by Court Watch   5 years ago


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This video shows how a 14-year-old boy stands up to his abusive and manipulative mother to demand that she respect his informed choice to live with his father. Many children find themselves in situations where family courts have given custody to the parent (mostly mothers) who in many cases are not the better parent. Many children are abused by their sole custodial parent as was the child in this video by his mother.

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Often custody of children is sought by one parent, not because they are the better parent but in order to obtain child support and to exercise control over the non custodial parent. During this video, the boy describes how his mother and her boyfriend assaulted him just because he wanted to wear his boots from his mother's home to his father's home. Many immature and sick in the mind custodial parents wont even allow their children to take toys or personal possessions to the other parent's home due to their obsession to control the child. The mother at 8:17 tells her son that "Daddy" (Her new partner) was going to call the cops on him. Many parents force their children to recognize their new partner as mommy or daddy and further insult to the biological parent.

Tragically, once children become teenagers, they fight their custodial parent to be back with their other parent. This often reopens custody and child support disputes which the lawyers like of course because this means business for the legal system. 50/50 shared parenting from the time of separation and no child support in most cases would make children happier and and largely eliminate the court battles over child support and custody and eliminate putting children into the type of situation which this video demonstrates.

As far as the actions of police in this video, all police officers should do what was done by the police officers in this video and to not support the custodial parent but only to limit their authority to keeping the peace, respecting the child's freedom and not taking sides in a custody dispute. Unless there is a court Order ordering the police to intervene and apprehend a child, police should simply stay neutral in these matters.

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